The Interdimensional Connection

With more military data and whistleblower accounts being released periodically, it's becoming increasingly difficult to discount the UFO phenomena. So...where do they come from? For many ufologists posing the question of origination, the answer lies outside of the limits of our senses. Deep within the electromagnetic spectrum. Frequencies that exist within our reality that human beings are yet to map, measure or manipulate. The Interdimensional hypothesis is a leading explanation for the UFO phenomenon...that beings far more advanced than our human race, have harnessed the ability to interact and traverse electromagnetic frequencies bringing them into our field of view. Leave your preconceived notions of reality at the door, and step into the harrowing experiences of Paul Ascough and the Kinsella twins (Philip and Ronald),...haunting moments in time where two worlds collide. Join these leading UFO researchers as they analyse and recount in detail their encounters with visitors from dimensions unknown.

Duration: 63 min