Life After

In this fish out of water story, Frankee Razor, a former pop singer is thrust onto the front lines of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Once gracing stages across America, Frankee has unwittingly traded his fancy clothes for scrubs, N95 masks, and a hazmat suit. His daily grind explores the hierarchy within the medical field between grumpy doctors, scared and overworked nurses, and under appreciated respiratory therapists who are all struggling with the realization that their job is ground zero for this deadly pandemic. Amidst the sad stories of COVID-19 patients dying alone without their families and the ominous rumors of the medical staff dropping dead due to accidental exposure, an unassuming but organic love affair develops within this COVID-19 nightmare. All in all, Frankee, a musician at heart, finds a way to bring light to these dark times with his new release, Rona Vibes. While emotional at times and hilarious at other times, Life After is an unapologetic film that gets in your face with an in-depth glimpse into what life is like on the front lines.

Duration: 104 min