Home2Home tells the story of Dennis Kailing who travels 43,600 km (27,000 miles) through 41 countries on 6 continents to circumnavigate the planet in 761 days. He does it on a bicycle - on his first bike journey ever. With the question "What makes you happy", but without experience in bike traveling, the 24-year-old from Germany jumps into the deep end and simply sets off - always heading east. He's traveling alone, but he's rarely lonely: many encounters with interesting, crazy or "completely normal" people give him insights that ordinary tourists rarely experience. While others like a well-structured all inclusive tour, this bike tour is a journey into uncertainty. But in the uncertainty hides the biggest adventure - Dennis gradually becomes aware of this. In addition to breathtaking landscapes and a good portion of humor, "Home2Home" also shows the unpleasant sides of a long bike trip: never-ending rain in the Andes of South America, illness between golden pagodas in Myanmar and loneliness in the endless expanses of the Australian Outback. After 43,600 kilometers in 41 countries on 6 continents and the circumnavigation of our planet, Dennis is coming back from the west to the place from which he set out to the east two years earlier. In the end, he came a little closer to his question 'What makes you happy' - mostly it's just a very simple, tiny, but completely natural thing





Duration: 111 min